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About Shimosis

Shimosis, the leader in highly technical and aesthetically impressive web and business application development. At Shimosis we are dedicated to providing high-quality development for the web and your desktop. Always at the head of technological advances in the IT field, we offer a variety of services including: IT Consulting, Web-based Marketing Consulting, and General Business Consulting and product enhancement.

With well over 10 years of experience we are well versed in all areas of business and IT development and are prepared to meet the changing needs of your business environment in an effort to keep your business progressing forward. We work regularly with rich-media apps as well as complex logic based back-end applications.

We can seamlessly enhance your business environment by offering web development, application development, widgets (Clearspring/Gigya, web and desktop), Social Networks Applications (Myspace and Facebook), and Adobe Flash (AIR, Flex, AS3). Contact us today and let Shimosis can take your business to the next, competitive level.


We have a very diverse group of web professionals on staff covering all major components of development.
Our Core team consists of:

David Fox
Software Engineering

Andrew Hathaway
User Interface Development

Many more:
Top developers in RIA, e-commerce, and much more.

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Address: 29488 Woodward Ave., 349, Royal Oak, MI 48073
Phone: 888.315.7331

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